Piecing the puzzle
Srikanth Meenakshi

Why PrimeInvestor

The financial services marketplace is getting reshaped by three forces – a push to financialization, increasingly complex products, and digitization leading to the emergence of self-serve customers
Consequently, there is a need for providing cost-effective research and guidance to a new class of consumers
PrimeInvestor with its totally independent setup and a remarkable team, seeks to do that as a subscription-based, product-first, digital-channel service.
It’s a unique service – so, need a lot of feedback, and a lot of support 🙂

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How are mutual funds taxed for NRIs
Vidya Bala

NRIs – Not all of you should be investing here!

NRIs who approach us for investment options broadly fall under the following categories: one, those who are abroad on an assignment and will come back. Two, those who are settled abroad and do not plan to come back. Three, those who are abroad, have no immediate plans to come back but ‘may’ decide to come back at some point.

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Are debt funds confusing?
Investment basics
PrimeInvestor Desk

What you should know about debt funds

Debt mutual funds are claiming the headlines with alarming regularity ever since IL&FS defaulted on its debt payments in September 2018. All this has brought to light certain truths about debt funds, which you should know before investing.

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Smart about taxes
PrimeInvestor Desk

6 Tax Fundamentals Every Investor Should Know

Most of us want to save taxes but end up making poor decisions on your investments while you do so. A few simple tips will ensure you don’t have to compromise on investing well, to save taxes.

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