LIC’s New Pension Plus - can it replace NPS?
Bipin Ramachandran

LIC’s New Pension Plus – can it replace NPS?

In September 2022, LIC launched a new pension product. LIC’s New Pension Plus – LIC’s NPP(plan number: 867) with features similar to NPS. In the case of NPS, the default retirement age is 60. But in the case of LIC’s NPP, you can choose the policy maturity age and this can be as early as 35. So, does the LIC’s NPP score over NPS? Let’s find out!

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best nps fund manager
Aarati Krishnan

Who’s the best NPS fund manager?

Whenever we’ve written on the National Pension System (NPS), a query that’s popped up often is – who’s the best NPS fund manager? Apart from allowing subscribers to decide on their allocations between Equities (E), Corporate bonds (C ) and Government securities (G ), NPS asks you to choose from eight different Pension Fund Managers (PFMs) on its rolls.

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