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Basic policies, Super top-up policies and Senior Policies. Unbiased recommendations, based on insurer strength, coverage, premiums & more.


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Recommended shortlist of insurers based on insurer size & strength. Pick your insurer based on key parameters most important to you.

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Screen stocks based on key fundamental metrics

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Compare what's common between 2 or 3 equity funds

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Filter stocks on the basis of quality, growth, and valuations

MF rolling return

Compare fund returns against benchmark & peers over the years

MF Expense ratios

Compare expense ratios of direct and regular plans of mutual funds

ETF Ratings

Know where an ETF stands vis-a-vis its benchmark index

Bank FD tool

Compare banks & our confidence level before opening an FD


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Some frequently asked questions

We do not manage your money. We help you take control of your finances instead of letting it be managed by somebody else. This way, you can save costs (for example, with direct plans of MFs), take onus for your decisions, know where your investments are and how they are faring at all times. Your investments will be guided by what’s in your best interest through our independent research rather than by vested interests of others.

We send alerts on new investment recommendation and alerts via email, which is our primary mode of communication. You can also join our telegram group to get instant alerts on your phone. You can follow us on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook) to stay updated with our latest news and insights.

We are not a transaction platform. We only provide investment recommendations (apart from tools and research content) to you. You are free to execute your investments through any platform of your choice. There are several established platforms out there that will do a good job for you.

Our focus is only to provide you with good research and recommendations – which transaction platforms do not do.

If you have any queries, you can reach out to us here. Our response time is within 24-48 working hours.

We are not financial planners and do not provide financial planning for individual portfolios. You can use our MF review tool to check how your funds are doing and write to us if you have queries on our recommendations.

Our recommendations, tools, updates, and regular reviews will make sure you know where to invest, what to exit and when it is a good time to act on key events. You can thus manage your own portfolio with ease.

We do not provide any relationship managers to guide you through your individual portfolios or offer one-on-one discussions with you about your investments.

Our platform is designed to help you manage your investments yourself. Our product suite caters to every investor – whether a learner, novice or experienced. Our various tools & recommendations will give you readymade portfolios, help you build your own, and give you clear calls across stocks, MFs, ETFs, bonds, deposits & insurance.

You can write to us with specific questions on our recommendations and we will be happy to respond to them.

PrimeInvestor is not a transaction platform. We are not distributors of any products earning commissions. We do not charge brokerage on any transactions.

We are a research platform exclusively providing independent recommendations across stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, deposits, government savings schemes, term insurance, health insurance & more.

PrimeInvestor is not a newsletter or publication. We are a research platform regulated by SEBI, and hold a ‘Research Analyst’ certification.

Publications, newspapers, personal finance blogs do not come under SEBI’s regulatory ambit.

We do not simply write about good products or just provide views and move to the next topic. We build investment solutions. We track these recommendations, review and provide regular updates. Media publications don’t offer any of this and take limited responsibility for their recommendations. We alert you on market opportunities and warn you away from bad products. 

We do not carry any product advertisements. We don’t get incentives in any form or commissions.

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