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Do you need a nuclear shelter for your portfolio?
Aarati Krishnan

Do you need a nuclear shelter for your portfolio? 

A few decades ago, the main problem for investors was not having enough information on companies & markets to make decisions. Today it is the opposite. So is it time to create a shelter for your portfolio?

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Sukanya Samriddhi vs Child Mutual Fund
Investment basics
Pavithra Jaivant

Sukanya Samriddhi vs Child Mutual Fund – which one is better?

Becoming a parent affects every aspect of your life and your money is no exception. You not only have to plan for your own life goals, but for those of your children as well, such as education. For the purpose of building a corpus for young daughters, the Sukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme is an attractive option to evaluate.
However, when evaluating the Sukanya Samriddhi option, a common question is how it compares with child mutual funds. So if it is Sukanya Samriddhi vs Child mutual fund, which one should you choose?

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