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Insightful research. Unbiased opinion.

What does Prime stand for?​



A professional team of qualified experts
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Actionable calls that help you decide


Investors First

A subscription-based model that places investors above product sellers 


Meticulous Research

Which blends quantitative, qualitative and forward-looking insights to come up with pragmatic solutions 



Backed by decades of experience in tracking, researching, interacting with investors, and personally investing in market products

Who we are

PrimeInvestor is an unbiased, independent, personal finance research platform. We empower you with simple, meaningful and actionable investment insights, recommendations, and solutions so you can confidently build wealth for any need.

We earn zero commissions or incentives from product providers.
We rely only on your subscription fees, keeping us free from any bias or conflict of interest.

We discover the best investment products for you, whether mutual funds, stocks, NCDs, fixed deposits, government schemes, or insurance.

We are the first research organisation to provide investors with solutions across all personal finance products on a single platform.

We track every recommendation we make to make sure it remains good. We don’t give one-time solutions. We review to ensure your portfolio stays in good shape.

We help you make informed decisions. Whether you’re a DIY investor or taking the help of advisors, you can rely on us to know what’s right or double-check advice you’ve been given.

Our promise

Our mission is to empower you to take financial decisions easily and confidently.

One platform for all products

We bring together recommendations across investment products on a single platform. In one place, you’ll find all investments worth your money.

Your interests first

We’re loyal only to you. Our recommendations are based on what’s right for you and what you need. We take no commissions, no kick-backs, no incentives from anybody.

Support and protect you

We’ll warn you off popular products that are plain bad or inefficient. We help you understand the ‘why’ of investments and bring clarity to your decisions.

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