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An investment recommendation platform

PrimeInvestor solves all your investment questions. Our recommendations, tools, and research articles tell you where to invest in mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, bonds, FDs, NPS & insurance. And even help you do your own research!

Our unbiased, high-quality, experienced research runs through all that we do. We help you become a great, smart, confident investor!

lower costs, better returns

No commissions, no ads.
We are 100% independent & loyal only to you.

Our only revenue is from our flat subscription fees – that means we have zero conflict of interest. We don’t push unsuitable or expensive products on you, unlike your bank relationship manager or distributor.

You can implement our recommendations through any platform of your choice. With us, you can go direct and save costs!

Our research-backed recommendations cover all must-have investments in your portfolio. So there’s nowhere else you need to go!

Through us, you will know the best investments for your portfolio, lower costs, get to know of other great or low-cost products. All leading to better returns!

PrimeInvestor is your alternative to


MF Distributors

We empower you with high-quality, independent research, helping you go for direct plans & save costs. Our subscribers also use our insights for a second opinion on funds their advisors recommend.


News websites

We provide clear, research-backed recommendations and track these to ensure you make changes if needed. Calls made by news sites are rarely research-analysed, could be influenced by current events, may not be unbiased, and are not followed-up for updates.


Brokerage reports

We don’t earn brokerage fee on transactions. So we don’t churn your portfolio or issue calls just for the sake of it. We focus on high-quality calls to grow your wealth, even if it means fewer calls. We go beyond just stocks and cover all investments important to you.

Our Team

Srikanth Meenakshi


Vidya Bala


Bhavana Acharya


Aarati Krishnan


Values that lead us


Unbiased research

No commissions, no bias. Our independence makes us keep your interests at heart. We steer you towards what’s good and warn you away from unsuitable products.


Customer Focused

Our recommendations are based on what’s right for you, help you understand your investments better and help you become a confident, happy investor.



We don’t just tell you where to invest – we also give you the rationale for every one of our recommendations. We even evaluate our own performance every year and tell you about it!



We don’t make one-time recommendations & forget about them. We keep a close watch, give updates on any changes needed to make sure your investments are always sound.

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