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What’s on our buy list now?

An FMCG promise

This stock’s potential hinges on FMCG growth, and gets the same ‘defensive’ tag that FMCG does. But, unlike FMCGs, it doesn’t trade at multi-year highs.

A solid NBFC

This company ticks every box – a great customer market, access to low-cost funding, comfortable capital cushion, well-provisioned for potential NPAs, and reasonable valuations

A power play

This stock wins on superior margins, pricing power, and vast retail market access. All this with great valuations and steady dividends providing a moat.

What we offer

Buy/sell/hold recommendations

Looking to buy investment-friendly stocks that come with long-term payoffs? Prime Stocks provides an expertly-curated list of stocks from which you can choose.

We also provide real-time updates on our coverage and when to accumulate, book profits or sell.

DIY stock filters (with download features)

Been in the game long enough to know what you are looking for? Prefer to do your own research? Prime Stocks puts you in the driver’s seat.

Our stock screener tool lets you do your own stock analysis with the right evaluation metrics and data.

Predesigned stock screeners

Want to do your own analysis but don’t quite know where to start? Or looking for unique filters like steady dividend payouts or rising profits or higher FII holding?

Our pre-built screeners give you a great base and it’s easy for you to add on other different filters for a great shortlist.

New stock opportunities

Eager to unearth lesser-known stocks that can turn out to be hidden gems? We dive deep into stock performers and numbers to review lesser-known or up-and-coming stocks.

Our in-depth analysis and data on stocks will keep you two steps ahead and keep you informed on all that’s going on in the world of stocks.

Make each investment take you one step closer to achieving your financial goals

What makes us different



with stock recommendations, reviews & filtering tools


Quantitative evaluation

model with advanced metrics to measure stock strength & growth


Qualitative analysis

on shortlisted stocks to pick the best of long-term potential


Rigorous follow-ups

on recommended stocks – hold, book profits or sell at the right time


Feature-rich screener tool

with filters and metrics that aren’t easily available like NPAs or cash flow growth


Downloadable data

on standalone/ consolidated financials, prices, past valuations & more

Why our customers trust us

Maulik Shah
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Brilliant insights. I eagerly wait for alternate days to see new articles from you guys. Really helpful and an eye-opener for DIY investors. Keep up the good work.
Raspreet Singh
Read More
Wow, finally it begins. And begins with a bang. Happy to note the first Prime Stock – excellent choice.
Shakir Mohammad
Read More
Hurray !!! first one being the one from the most valued companies !! Waiting for so long on stocks .. Thank you for the recommendation !! Waiting for more to come!!
Nipun Puri
Nipun Puri
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Thanks a ton for sharing such a good analysis. Great stuff from the team to start sharing long term stock recommendations as well!
Doyal Mukherjee
Read More
I’m 25 years old and I’m very new to stocks and mutual funds, but I liked your explanation as it’s in a very simple language...

Get expertly-curated stock recommendations

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Prime Stock recommendation: A promising play on food security

Recent instances of countries rationing food supplies on import disruptions and grappling with hyper-inflation, have prompted governments the world over to refocus on food security. With limited supply of arable land and water, the key to achieving food security lies in improving crop yields. In India, there’s a crying need to improve yields not only to secure food supplies for the domestic population, but also to cater to global export opportunities for farm products, that are at an inflection point. Companies engaged in crop protection, fertilizer and hybrid seeds are positioned to make the most of these tailwinds.
But if you’re an Indian investor looking to make a long-term bet on this theme, your options aren’t very many. There are about 20 listed companies in the fertilizer space. But the sector makes for a poor investment because of whimsical government policies that hamper growth and profitability. Listed crop protection and seed companies offer superior options. Listed agrochem players offer choices from micro to large players, with differing business models that focus on generic agrochemicals, interm

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Technical outlook: Can the Nifty 50 slide further?

In the past couple of posts on the Nifty 50 outlook, we have been voicing a bearish view for the Nifty 50 index. This has played out as per expectations. The index almost achieved the first target of 17,150-17,200 that was mentioned a couple of posts ago. In the previous update, we had mentioned the possibility of a slide to the 16,700-16,900 zone.
Let us assess if this target is likely to be achieved or not.

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