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SIP Amount needed to reach target

If you have fixed sum of money that you are having as a target to reach in a certain number of years, use this calculator to figure out how much SIP you would need to invest to get there.


Results shown for illustrative purpose only and should not be construed as investment advice.

Know how much to invest through SIP

 About the SIP calculator

This SIP calculator will help you know how much to invest through an SIP every month, to attain your desired goal. Doing so will help bring direction to your investments and savings. It will also help you build the right portfolio for each goal. Since you will have different goals, knowing how much to save for each will help you prioritise your savings. You can allocate the required amount first towards the shorter-term or more important goals, and then use the remaining savings towards the longer-term or less key goals.

Do remember, though, that markets are subject to fluctuations and you will need to revisit your goals and savings from time to time to ensure that you are on the right track. The SIP calculator does not account for the exit load and expense ratio.

 How to use the SIP calculator

To use the SIP calculator, you just have to input three values:

  • The first value is the desired goal amount, or the target amount that you want to achieve from the SIP.
  • The second value is the number of years for which you are willing to make the SIPs.
  • The third value is the returns you are expecting from the investment. Be realistic in these expectations and do not set very high expectations as they may not materialise which can impact your wealth creation.

Once you input all the values, the SIP calculator will help you know the amount you will have to invest every month to attain the desired goal.

 Why SIPs help reach your goal

This SIP calculator will help you work out your monthly savings. Setting aside a sum every month is an easier and more manageable way to building up an amount to meet specific goals, rather than investing a huge sum at a single time.

SIP expands into systematic investment plan. It is a method of investment in mutual funds, where in a fixed amount of money is invested in one or mutual fund schemes at a fixed interval. The fixed interval can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Generally, though, SIPs are made on a monthly basis as this frequency is the easiest to manage. SIP can be used to invest in any mutual fund scheme, whether it is in equity, debt, or hybrid. The following are the three advantages of SIP:

  • Rupee cost averaging
  • Flexibility
  • Discipline

 Rupee cost averaging

NAV (Net Asset Value) is the price that an investor pays for the SIP – i.e., it is the cost of investment. As the investor keeps investing at regular intervals it helps take advantage of market fluctuations. NAVs will change based on market movements and the fund’s strategy. In correcting markets, the NAV keeps falling. Investing through these low NAVs gets an investor a higher number of units and helps bring down the total investment cost. As the NAV falls and investments are made at these lower NAVs, the average cost of the SIP also keeps lowering. In this manner, an investor is able to use a scenario of cheap stock prices to their advantage. Lower investment costs over time helps to maximise wealth in the long term. SIPs are one of the best tools to fight market volatility.


SIPs are a very flexible investment method as an SIP can be modified to suit each investor’s financial situation. SIPs can start with amounts as low as Rs 500 or Rs 1,000 and can be as high as you like. Should your financial situation in any month turn difficult, you can pause SIP for a specific amount of time. The investor can also increase or decrease the SIP amount, and therefore you can automatically invest more as your income grows.


In an SIP, your savings become automatic and disciplined. Through an SIP, you will make the necessary investments to meet your goal as it puts savings first. An SIP ensures that you don’t simply invest what’s left from your expenses and also ensures that savings don’t get inadvertently missed. SIPs make investing an inevitable part of everyday life. More than any other benefit, the discipline that an SIP brings in is the biggest and most important.

Where to make SIP investments

Once you know how much to save, you will need to know where you can invest. The mutual funds you need to invest in depend on two main factors:

  1. Your time frame, or how far away your goal is. The longer the time-frame, the higher you can keep your equity exposure and the more risk you can take.
  2. Your risk appetite, or how comfortable you are with volatility in your returns. If your risk appetite is lower, you will need to keep equity exposure limited and allocate lower or no amounts to highly volatile fund categories such as small-cap funds, thematic funds, and dynamic bond funds.

For the best mutual funds to invest in, you can use our Prime Funds list. This mutual fund list covers different mutual fund categories, and are bucketed in a system that makes it easy for you to pick the funds that best suit your requirement. Each Prime Fund is unique and this allows you to build a diversified portfolio with minimal effort.

If you do not wish to design your own portfolio, or you need some help or ideas in mixing different funds, you can look at Prime Portfolios. These are our ready-to-use portfolios that you can start investing in right away. We have built different portfolios to suit different needs such as children’s education, buying a home, planning a vacation, retirement, and so on. Prime Portfolios come with a ‘Follow’ feature that alerts you when we recommend changes.

The SIP calculator along with Prime Funds and Prime Portfolios will help you start out well in your investments and ensure that you stay on the right path to realising your goal.

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