Prime MF Screener is a tool with which you can compare and analyze mutual fund performance. This absolutely one-of-a-kind tool serves up comprehensive data on fund returns and how it stacks up against benchmark and category. It gives key portfolio data and expense ratio comparisons. With Prime MF Screener, you will be able to shortlist funds that meet criteria you feel important and understand fund performance better.

Prime MF Screener is available for Direct plans only.

Prime MF Screener is designed along 3 basic aspects – the category, the sub-category, and the rolling return timeframe. You will have to select each of these to use the screener.

  • Category: Equity, Debt, and Gold categories are straightforward. Since hybrid funds are of different kinds, these have been grouped as follows – all hybrid categories that use derivatives as a key strategy are grouped under Hybrid with derivatives. Debt-oriented hybrid funds are grouped under Conservative Hybrid, and the remaining are Hybrid – Others. Fund-of-funds are housed under the Others category. You can select only one Category at a time.
  • Sub-category: Based on the broad Categories above, the various fund categories are listed. These sub-categories are according to SEBI’s definitions and each fund’s declared category. You can select as many sub-categories as you like under each main Category.
  • Rolling return period: This is return period for which you want to see fund performance. All performance metrics that we show in the filters, such as deviation, Sharpe, and so on are linked to this rolling return period. Rolling returns are the best metric to understand returns, as it considers returns over a period of time. To know more, refer to the detailed explanation in the How to Use MF Screener guide. The timeframe over which your selected rolling return period is rolled is pre-set. 1-month, 6-month, 1-year, and 3-year returns are rolled daily over a period of 3 years. 5-year returns are rolled for a period of 5 years. You can select only one rolling return period at a time.

Filters in Prime MF Screener are as follows:

  • Standard filters: This is what you see on the left menu, and which will be a standard part of the data output.
  • Performance: This additional filter (click on Add Filter) lists various metrics used to measure fund performance. Benchmark performance for equity funds is also provided. We have used standard relevant benchmarks for each category and not each fund’s defined benchmark. Large-cap funds have the Nifty 100 as the benchmark. Mid-cap funds have the Nifty Midcap 100 as the benchmark. Small-cap funds have the Nifty Smallcap 100 as the benchmark. Large-&-midcap funds have the Nifty LargeMid 250 as the benchmark. All other sub-categories have the Nifty 500 as the benchmark. Similarly, tracking error is available for funds for which we have index data.
  • Portfolio: This additional filter (click on Add Filter) lists portfolio-level data such as market-cap allocations, credit-rating exposure and so on. Metrics listed under this filter are dependent on the Category you have selected. For each Category, we have chosen those metrics that are the best used to understand and analyse portfolios.
  • Expense ratio: This additional filter (click on Add Filter) provides Regular and Direct plan expense ratios and the difference between these two.

Important Note

To ensure that fewer instances of data (for funds with limited track record) does not mislead your analysis or conclusions, we have laid out the minimum instances of rolling returns required to display performance parameters. If the rolling returns data for any fund falls short of this, performance parameters dependent on rolling returns would be shown as blank.

  • For 1 month rolling period: 100 instances
  • For 6 month rolling period: 100 instances
  • For 1 year rolling period: 200 instances
  • For 3 year rolling period: 300 instances
  • For 5 year rolling period: 300 instances

How should you use Prime MF Screener?

  • Prime MF Screener is a great way to compare funds – on returns, ability to beat benchmark and/or peers, on portfolio concentration, risks and more. Understand how good or bad a fund is in comparison to peers, and look at key portfolio data to understand where performance comes from.
  • Use it to shortlist funds that are worth looking into further for new investments - based on funds you already hold, the strategy they follow and more.
  • Use it to check on your own funds – how they have returned and whether they have kept up with peers or markets.
  • Save preferred filters for easy access the next time you log on. Export data into Excel to slice and dice the data to arrive at your conclusions.

Disclaimers on the use of MF Screener

  • The output derived in Prime MF Screener are not recommendations given by PrimeInvestor Financial Research Pvt Ltd. Prime MF Screener is only a tool to help you gather useful data that is otherwise difficult to access and allows you to do your own analysis. Check Prime Funds for our recommendations.
  • Prime Screener is meant for you to filter, shortlist, and identify funds that you may wish to further analyse. PrimeInvestor Financial Research Pvt Ltd will not be responsible for any investment decisions you take based on these screeners.   
  • This is a self-help tool. We do not guide you in designing screeners for your own use and we will not take queries on the same.
  • Our fund recommendations in Prime Funds and MF Review tool are based on internal metrics and analysis. We will be unable to respond to queries on why our recommendations differ from any conclusion you may come to based on your use of the Prime MF Screener. 

Disclaimers on data and filters

  • We are not a data provider. The MF Screener is designed to give you the most relevant metrics for each of the filters and that are the most useful. We may add to these if we see a good fit for the purposes of the screener. Therefore, there may be metrics that may not form part of the Prime MF Screener.  
  • Our data is updated based on the feed we receive from our data provider. Return data is updated on a daily basis, while portfolio-level data will be updated based on when AMCs upload their details and our data provider. While we strive to ensure that data is up-to-date, there may be instances where some data may be delayed or missing.
  • We have taken due care to provide accurate data from an established and reliable data provider, Accord Fintech. However, neither PrimeInvestor Financial Research Pvt Ltd nor the data provider guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any data published on our website ( PrimeInvestor Financial Research Pvt Ltd is not responsible for any errors, or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of such data. PrimeInvestor Financial Research Pvt Ltd shall have no financial liability whatsoever to the users of this data.
  • There may be data variations between different data sources based on how derived data and ratios are defined and calculated by different providers. PrimeInvestor Financial Research Pvt Ltd will not be held answerable nor responsible for such differences.


General disclaimers & disclosures 

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