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We provide research-driven investment solutions to help you navigate the world of money

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Mutual funds, ETFs & deposits to invest towards every goal you have

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Create your own MF portfolio with our help, or use our pre-built ones

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Our insights on your MF portfolio’s health, risk, allocation, quality & costs

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Health, super top-up, & term policies that balance premiums & cover

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Free tools to explore

Top notch tools to screen, analyse and pick stocks and mutual funds yourself.

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Compare overlap between 2 equity funds

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Track fund returns over different periods

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Know if it is a good time to invest now

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Long on Experience. Strong on Values.

We are a passionate and driven team with several decades of experience in financial markets in India. Our leadership team has a reputation for clear-eyed, unbiased advice for customers across India.

Smart, honest people working hard on research and analysis, to bring useful solutions to you, the investor – that is the PrimeInvestor Team.

Srikanth Meenakshi
Vidya Bala
Bhavana Acharya
Aarati Krishnan

Frequently Asked Questions about PrimeInvestor

PrimeInvestor is a research platform that gives recommendations, tools, and calculators in mutual funds, stocks, ETFs, fixed deposits, bonds, health insurance, term insurance, and NPS. You can use our recommendations to build your portfolio, maintain it, know where to invest, and when to take action at all times. Our tools help you understand your funds and stocks better, and analyse funds/stocks to do your own picking. We have a vast knowledge bank of research-written articles on investment basics, markets, strategies, taxes and much more. You can take our recommendations and execute them on the platform of your choice. All the recommendations, tools, and articles are backed by deep research.

Think of PrimeInvestor as your own professional research team working for you and giving you investment solutions and letting you know what is good and what is bad in the world of personal finance. In one single place, you will get the ideas, solutions, and insights you need to have a great investment portfolio.

You can see more about us and our team on our About Us section.

PrimeInvestor provides researched investment solutions that will tell you where to invest so you can meet all your financial goals. We will be covering every regulated product that is useful to you – the investor. We provide this through our annual subscription service which is a flat fee.

Your subscription will give you access to: our recommended lists of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and fixed deposits, pre-built portfolios that you can invest in right away, funds/ETFs for themes you may be interested in, review tool for funds you hold, as well as alerts and strategies that you can use. We’ll always be enhancing our researched product list with new features and products. 

We’ll follow-up and maintain all our recommendations and products to ensure your investments are on the right path and you’re with what’s best for you. Our team has decades of experience in tracking investment products, markets, and customer needs.

We cover stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits, bonds, NPS, insurance products and post office schemes to start with. We will expand coverage to include all products that we think will add value to the investor.

Check out our pricing page to know about our plans, what you will get in your subscription, and the subscription costs.

Yes, we do offer a 14-day trial on registration. It’s a limited trial that offers all the premium articles along with a selection of our products and solutions. You can learn more by visiting this page.

Subscription fees are annual and can be set to renew automatically. We do not offer refunds during a period of subscription. However, renewals can be cancelled at any time.

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