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An SIP, or a systematic investment plan, involves investing a fixed sum at a fixed interval. Thanks to two key benefits – discipline in investing and rupee cost averaging – an SIP is one of the most popular forms of investing in mutual fund schemes. You may already be investing through SIP every month. 

Investing in an SIP is done with the intention of reaching a particular goal or future value. So how do you calculate SIP future value? You may have a sum to invest, but you’d like to know how much it can grow into to see if it can meet your goal requirement or what you can do with it.

What is SIP value calculator?

You can calculate SIP future value by applying the future value formula. An easy way to do it, though, is to use our SIP value calculator. This calculator will help you estimate the total wealth accumulated through SIP at the end of the investment period, given an assumed rate of return. All you have to do is to give these three inputs and the SIP value calculator will do the work for you.

The result of this calculator will be the wealth that your SIP can build for you. This comes in handy to know how much your SIP can grow to – in other words, your SIP future value – over time which helps you plan your investments better. Do note that the actual wealth you build will depend on how returns play out; this calculator is only a guide to help you plan.

How does SIP future value calculator work?

You need to input three values in this SIP value calculator:

  • Monthly SIP investment: This is the amount you plan to save every month. If you are already saving on a monthly basis, use this SIP amount in this first field of the SIP value calculator.
  • SIP duration: The number of years you are planning to run your SIP. Make sure you enter a realistic figure here.
  • Assumed returns: The returns you expect your investment to generate. In this value, keep in mind that putting in very high returns can be misleading as reality will be far from it. Keep your return expectations reasonable, which will make the result of the SIP value calculator more realistic and therefore more useful for you.

After the input of the three values above, the result of the SIP future value calculator gives the total corpus that you may accumulate. Do note, however, that this future value of SIP calculator is just a rough estimate of your wealth creation. The corpus you actually build will depend on how equity and debt markets play out and your fund choices.

Benefits in calculate SIP future value

The SIP is a great way to invest. For one, it allows you to start investing with any sum you may have. It allows you to slowly build up your wealth even if you are unable to save large sums right from the start. An SIP allows you to take advantage of starting early which increases the effect of compounding. And very importantly, it brings discipline in your investments.

To calculate SIP future value is a simple exercise in helping you gauge where you stand in terms of wealth and what you can achieve. It will help you make better financial decisions.

  • The SIP value calculator will help you bring focus to your investing. Instead of simply investing blindly, knowing SIP future value can tell you if you need to save up more, or whether you’re on track, and whether the potential wealth is what you’re looking for.
  • The SIP value calculator can help you prioritise your investments. If your SIP future value is lower than what you may require for a particular goal, you can work towards increasing this SIP amount. If your SIP future value is high, then you can redirect part of the SIP amount to a different goal, or use it for tactical investments and so on.
  • Better focus on where your SIP can get you can also help you pick the most suitable funds. When you calculate SIP future value, you will get an idea of how much risk may be required. For example, if your value is a bit lower than what you need, you can consider using higher-risk funds in order to earn better returns and increase wealth if your time frame and your risk appetite allow you to do so. If it is lower by a significant amount, you may have to increase SIP amount. You can also consider stepping up your SIP gradually to help you reach your intended amount – use our Step-up SIP calculator for this!
  • An estimation of your investment value using the SIP value calculator, even if this is a rough figure, will still help you know if your savings are as per your requirements.

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