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A portfolio for every need, for everyone
Prime Portfolios are our ready-to-use portfolios of MFs/deposits/ETFs suitable for different needs, life situations and time frames.

20 portfolios satisfying 30+ needs

You may be single, have a family, or retired. You may want regular income or want to go all aggressive with a high-growth plan. You may want to leave behind a legacy or simply splurge on yourself. We have attempted to identify your most important needs. And we built portfolios for every one them.

Plus, we’ve made it easy for you to pick one. You just have to know your need, or your timeframe, or your aspirations, or your life stage. 

Life stages 
Prime Portfolios

Why Prime portfolios

You have your goals all mapped out but you aren’t quite confident that you can build the right portfolios to get there. Prime Portfolios provides those portfolios, complete with the right asset allocation, category and strategy mix.

It mixes mutual funds, ETFs, and deposits – picked from our researched list – to ensure that you invest in the most suitable products for your goal and are not just focused on one product. 

You can ‘follow’ any number of portfolios and be alerted to the changes we prescribe every quarter to keep your portfolio up-to-date with the best performers.

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