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Risk cover need not be so complicated
Prime Term Insurance rankings capture our recommended list of online term insurance products from insurers who have been shortlisted for stability and reliability.

What’s special about this list

We filter the term insurance plans available in the market through a two-stage process to arrive at
our rankings. We eliminate insurers based on stability and reasonable size, and then use a multi-
factor analysis to present ranks for multiple age groups, for both men and women.

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Why our approach is different

Most folks think that term insurance plans ought to be chosen based on who offers the lowest premiums. We believe that the ability and willingness of the insurer to settle your family’s claims promptly is the most important attribute to look for. 

Our rankings are arrived at after evaluating an insurer’s size, stability, solvency, governance, claims record and even the risk of ownership change. Yes, the premium matters, but isn’t the only factor we consider.

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