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When all that is fixed is not safe
Prime Deposits is our list of deposit schemes from the government, NBFCs and corporate entities. Prime Deposits is not just a list of deposits offered by companies. This is a curated list where safety trumps return.

Why this list is different

We bucket based on your investment timeframe, an easy-to-use system. Each bucket features different deposits – because we don’t go by interest rate alone but pick those that offer the best return-risk combination. 

We cater to all your requirements. Want regular payout? Prefer the cumulative option? You’ll find a Prime Deposit for both, whatever your timeframe. 

Prime deposits 
Risk & Return 

What we look that others don’t

It’s not only about interest rates. Higher risks tag along higher rates, so an entity’s quality matters.

So we look for sound balance sheets and profitability. Key numbers including capital adequacy, asset quality, liquidity matter besides credit rating. We prefer entities with frequent public disclosures over opaque deposit-takers.

And for the risk in some deposits, we see if they offer sufficient spread over the safe haven of government schemes. Why risk where it’s not compensated?

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