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Our research recommended list of ETFs in the Indian market

Indices that make sense

There are 71 ETFs built on 37 unique indices. We filter them to 8 investment worthy ETFs. We choose those that bring something to your portfolio. It could be unique indices that can add zing to returns or indices that active funds are struggling to beat consistently.

Right call
Consistency in direction 

ETFs that show consistent trading

ETFs that are erratic in trading volumes make it difficult for you to buy and sell. More, it could worsen tracking error. We look for consistency in trading so you can reap the right returns. 

ETFs that track their indices close enough

Mimicking the index is not enough. How closely returns match the index matters. We choose  ETFs that mimic the index the most and keep a lid on the extent it deviates up or down. High deviation, even in a good index, is not what you need.


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