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Prime Funds is our researched list of recommended mutual funds across all categories.

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More than just ratings

 A hand-picked list of funds, draw by putting funds through rigorous tests after the initial ratings are done. A list, filtered across categories, that you can invest in today.

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Not just numbers

Pierces the numbers veil and looks past what returns and ratios say. Uses qualitative parameters on top of quantitative metrics to select the best and the most consistent of them all.

Mixed and matched for a unique list

Analyses and features funds by uniqueness of style – value/growth, concentrated/diversified. A diverse list that helps you hold funds with distinct strategies that balance out your portfolio.

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Beyond performance

Doesn’t stop at past performance alone. Looks into other key factors including fund strategy, portfolio potential, changing trends in performance, asset size change and fund manager changes.

Classifying it right

Buckets equity and hybrid funds based on risk and debt funds based on time frame. Easy-to-use system that reduces the complexity of choosing from several dozen categories that often share similarities. 

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Regular updates

Quarterly review to ensure any laggards are weeded out and add newer ideas come in where it matters. Makes sure you stay with the best and most suited to keep your returns up.

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