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Ratings that capture what others fail to see

Prime Ratings are a quantitative, scientific approach to rating funds.

The purpose of Prime Ratings

Prime Ratings recognizes the limitations of other mutual fund ratings. With Prime Ratings, we capture the risk and return parameters that matter. 

The purpose of Prime Ratings is to offer you a ready reckoner to check the health of your funds vis-à-vis peers and help you observe any improvement or decline in your fund’s performance.

451 funds with 94% of industry AUM are rated in Prime Ratings.

Prime ratings 
Prime Ratings 

Why Prime Ratings is different

  • Uses a more diverse combination of risk and return metrics
  • Places appropriate weights to ensure risks are penalised
  • Looks at fund categories based on their characteristics and investment purpose and not just their SEBI-defined category
  • Spreads ratings out into a smoother curve which provides better distinction between funds, circumvents the problem of a sharp jump or fall in ratings, and enables better peer comparison

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