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When: February, 2021  By: Aarati Krishnan

Designing a stock portfolio

As PrimeInvestor launched stock recommendations, Aarati presented this highly useful webinar on designing a stock portfolio. Addressing issues such as:

  • Stocks vs mutual fund investing
  • How to pick your investing style
  • How to stay safe while investing in stocks
  • How to monitor your portfolio
  • and more…

When: October, 2020  By: Vidya Bala, Bhavana Acharya

QA session about Mutual fund investing

In this engaging and interactive webinar, our prime researchers Vidya Bala and Bhavana Acharya answer investor questions on various mutual fund investment topics:

  • Expense ratios
  • Passive vs active investing
  • ESG investing
  • Debt fund allocations
  • Smart beta investing
  • and many, many more

When: September, 2020  By: Nippon Mutual ETF Team

ETF Investing in India

Exchange traded funds are a great way to invest in the stock market at low-cost and effective diversification. In this webinar, the ETF team from Nippon AMC, the folks behind the first ETFs in India, walk through:

  • What is an ETF?
  • How do they work?
  • Benefits of investing in ETF?
  • What is the role of ETFs in your portfolio

When: July, 2020  By: Aarati Krishnan

Guide to buying Term Insurance

Term Insurance is a must-have product in every individual’s portfolio. In this webinar, Aarati walks through the process of buying Term Insurance.

  • Who should buy it?
  • For how much?
  • How to pick the right plan?
  • What to choose, what to avoid?
  • And more…
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