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Researched list of top stocks to invest in across market caps and sectors.

What are Prime Stocks?

Long-term stock picks

Uncover fundamentally sound stocks for long-term wealth creation

Sound research

Expert-driven, top-down and bottom-up analysis to picking stocks

Across segments

Stocks across marketcap and mix of growth and value strategies that are risk bucketed

Rigorous follow-ups

Followed up with timely buy/hold/sell calls to maximize

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Why Prime Stocks are different

Powerful QGV model

Our Quality, Growth and Valuation (QGV) approach ensures you maximise gains and minimise risk.

Alert on buying windows

We not only give you stock recommendations but also alert you to timely accumulating opportunities.

Find your fit

Stocks categorised as compounders, dividend earners or tactical to help choose with ease based on your goal & risk appetite.

When to fold

We tell you when to hold the stocks and when to fold to lock in your profits. You get the right calls at the right time.


How do I get the best stock recommendations?

There is no single best stock recommendations. Stocks with sound fundamentals, which have a good potential for growth, and which are trading at reasonable valuations given the growth potential will be good stocks to add to your portfolio. When you invest in stocks, you need to build a portfolio.

There are 5 steps to using best stock recommendations to build a portfolio. One, know your objectives. Two, choose your style and strategy. Three, diversify. Four, pay attention to stock weights. Five, have a cash component to take advantage of market-driven opportunities.

Our stock recommendations by experts are designed for long-term portfolios. We analyse stocks using our in-house Quality-Growth-Valuation model to bring out stocks with strong fundamentals that are available at reasonable valuations. This allows us to assess stocks across a wide spectrum of sectors and avoid being limited by only ‘tracked’ sectors.

Unlike other brokerages, our aim in our stock recommendations by experts is to help you build up a solid portfolio of quality stocks. It is not to churn your portfolio frequently by giving short-term price targets which can stymie long-term compounding that sound stocks can offer.

Our stock recommendations are categorised into useful buckets such as Earnings Compounders, Dividend Earners, Early Movers and so on, to make it easy for you to build a diversified portfolio.  We additionally provide the risk level involved in each of our buy stock recommendations.

Our stock recommendations are also unique in that they are not tied to a particular date of recommendation. Since we adopt a long-term perspective, as long as valuations are conducive to investments, we retain these stocks in our Buy list. That means you can invest in our buy stock recommendations at any time if we list it in the Buy category. This opens up more buying options for you. We track our buy stock recommendations and move it to Hold/Book Profit/ Sell based on valuations and growth prospects.

To us, quality, growth and right price for the business – all matter for stock recommendations. We also believe that good businesses can spring up in any market cap segment. Therefore, we don’t have defined allocations to large-caps, mid-caps, and small-caps or defined allocations to sectors in our stock recommendations.

We consider the entire Nifty 500 basket. On this, we apply our in-house model that uses metrics to measure Quality, Growth & Valuation to shortlist stocks. This helps set a basic bar on the fundamental metrics that a company needs. From the shortlist our model generates, we dig deeper to understand more about each company, its sector, its growth and profit drivers, valuations, and more. This exercise is an entirely qualitative analysis.

With this quantitative-qualitative blend, we arrive at our Buy stock recommendations. We track these Buys to alert you on when to stop further additions (Hold), when to book profits and when to sell. Our stock recommendations are designed for long-term portfolios. 

In our stock recommendations, our intention is to help you add return boosters to your investment portfolio. In Prime Stocks, our aim is to identify quality businesses where you can take focused exposures.

Investing directly in stocks gives you the ability to take focused exposures to promising businesses that will let you capitalise on wealth creators. We don’t advocate frequent buying and selling of stocks. The idea is to own businesses that can create stock price returns from earnings compounding over many years.

If you are already a mutual fund investor, investing in stock recommendations by experts such as us can help you use stocks as good additions to this long-term asset-allocated mutual fund portfolio. The fund portfolio forms the core of your investments. Adding on stocks to this will give you diversification and your returns a leg up. Using both stocks and funds in your portfolio helps you mitigate risks and limit the impact of stock calls going wrong.

Our stock recommendations in Prime Stocks are built along these lines. Essentially, we look for stocks that score on balance sheet strength and growth prospects and where valuations are reasonable.

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