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What you get in Prime Stocks

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  • A ‘Buy’ list of stocks: These are stocks you can add to your portfolio. As long as a stock is in this list, you can invest in it. We use fundamental analysis to pick our Buys and we do not use technical analysis. Our buys are always long-term.
  • A ‘Hold’ or ‘Sell’ list on stocks we have recommended: When the thesis on which we based a ‘buy’ call is fulfilled, changes, or fails, we will shift the stock to either a hold or a sell. We may also issue book-profit calls.
  • Alerts on action to be taken: Whenwe make changes to our existing calls, or any addition to our lists, we will alert you of the same through our emails and updation on the platform.
  • Stock reviews & analysis: These are detailed reports on stocks that are interesting for any reason, which are undiscovered, or which are up-and-coming and so on. We’ll additionally run different data analysis and explain stock trends to help your understanding.

What we don’t promise in Prime Stocks

  1. No individual advice: We are SEBI-registered Research Analysts. We are not Registered Investment Advisors. We do not (and are not permitted to, by regulation) plan/review/provide advice on your individual stocks or stock allocation. We will not respond to, or provide our views on, individual stock queries that are not in our coverage.
  2. No portfolio: Our Buy list is not a portfolio of stocks. We will not advise you on your individual stock allocation nor how a stock would fit into your existing portfolio. We do not review your stock portfolio. We provide risk level and detailed reasoning for each stock, which you can use to arrive at your stock decisions.
  3. No regular calls: We use exhaustive quantitative models and qualitative analysis to pick stocks based on opportunities. We do not commit to periodic Buy/ Sell/ Hold calls and we do not commit to a defined number of stock calls per week, month, or year.
  4. No time-frame. We do not specify a timeframe for our calls. Our stock calls are purely for long-term investors of 5 years or more who wish to supplement their core portfolio of mutual funds, deposits or ETFs with quality stocks.
  5. No target price: We do not provide any target price or expected return for our stocks. In our view, as long as growth prospects and valuations are in line, these stocks hold good. This and our long-term perspective render target prices ineffective.
  6. IPOs at our discretion: IPO coverage is part of our recommendations, but we retain the discretion on which IPO to cover.
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