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Landmark events

First Job

Congrats on your first job! Beginning your financial journey early is always good. Make sure you start right. Start with our portfolios.

Just Married

You’ve just tied the knot and are all set for a happily ever after. Check out our ready-made portfolios for every couple’s aspirations.

New dad/new mom

You’re expecting! You need to fund the initial expenses of parenthood and admit your child to school. Our ready-made portfolios can help.


You’ve hung up your boots at work and are looking to retire worry-free. Whether its regular income or a legacy for GenNext, we have plans.

However you family

One Income No Kids

A small family need not have small aspirations. Think big, we’ll help you fulfil them with our portfolios.

Double Income No Kids

You’re flush with cash and plan to live life to the fullest. Make sure you are saving and investing towards your aspirations.

One Income With Kids

Make sure you secure the financial future of those who matter the most, with our portfolios.

Double Income With Kids

Secure your child’s future, but don’t forget your own retirement. Start now on portfolios for each of these needs.

You be you


Not earning yet, but you are bitten by the saving and investing bug. Welcome, we have some options for you too.

Singles Portfolio

Happily single and no strings attached? You can do a lot with your money. Let us help you meet your aspirations.

Millenial portfolio

Who says millennials don’t save or plan for the future? We know you have goals. Let’s provide you with options!

Other situations

On a Career Break

Planning to take a sabbatical from work? Get your finances in order first, so you are not strapped for money.

NRI Investing

NRI looking to invest in India, or are you from US/Canada with multiple restrictions on investing? 

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