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Prime MF Review Tool

Buy/sell/hold recommendations on funds

Reviewing your portfolio is now easy! This incredibly useful tool

Tells you if your fund is a buy, a hold or if it’s a poor enough performer to exit.

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Provides reasoning for the calls


Provides reasoning for the calls


Alerts if it’s better to own a fund through the direct plan!

Prime Funds

A list of the best funds to invest in, spanning equity, debt and hybrid.

Prime ETFs

A list of the best ETFs to invest in

A fast-evolving product globally, ETFs are low cost ways to buy and hold equities and sail with the markets. Prime ETFs picks ETFs that track broad market indices, strategic indices, debt and gold.

Picked by analysing tracking error across periods, volumes, size, expenses, & use in your portfolio.

Thematic Investing

Your idea, our solution

You may be an informed investor, knowing which trend is on the rise. Or you may be on the lookout for specific strategies. But which fund should you go for, to play the strategy or theme?

Our thematic investing section gives you the best option to invest in the theme of your choice.

Prime Tools

A wide variety of one-of-a-kind tools to let you analyse and understand mutual funds easily.

Screener to shortlist and compare funds

Rolling return performance for each fund

Rolling return calculator for each category

Category-wise fund returns

Direct vs Regular Expense ratio comparison

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