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PowerGrid InvIT – should you invest?

POWERGRID Infrastructure Investment Trust (PGInvIT) is the third InvIT and the second in the power transmission space (the other being IndiGrid InvIT) to be listed in the Indian stock markets. It is sponsored by listed PSU Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL and henceforth called the Sponsor).
Please find an explanation of what an InviT is here. This article will give you only our quick take on the offer and whether it is suitable for you. It is not a deep dive into the InvIT’s business and financials.

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sectors to focus

Technical outlook: Identifying the sectors to focus on and the sectors to avoid

The Nifty 50 index has drifted lower recently and has lost close to 8% from the high of 15,431 recorded on February 16, 2021. But though the Nifty 50 has slipped to lower levels, there are quite a few sectors that have delivered positive returns during this period. So, what are the sectors to focus on (and what are the ones to avoid)? Let’s find out.

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