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Prime Recommendation: 2 Debt funds to limit current market volatility

For those of you spooked by the continuing volatility in debt funds, our earlier article would have explained why these ups and downs prevail now. If you have money to be deployed or profits booked out of equities and waiting in the sidelines, you may hesitate to deploy it in this debt market condition.
To speak the truth, there are no categories other than overnight and liquid that are spared from the current volatility. However, if one looks at it on a relative basis, select funds from ultra-short, low duration and money market have held on, notwithstanding the see-saw.

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The many roads to mis-governance

Many investors think of corporate governance as an esoteric concept that is good to have. But if is a little dodgy, they think it can be safely ignored, as it doesn’t affect them directly. They couldn’t be more mistaken.

Having discussed the origins of the concept of corporate governance, here are some key ways in which mis-governance at companies you own shares in can directly impact your returns.

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bank fd
Bonds & Deposits

9 things to look before you choose your bank FD

With the economy looking up and interest rates likely to rise again, safety-seeking investors may like
to shop around for bank deposits offering attractive rates. But as we had explained in an earlier
article, given the way deposit insurance works in India, it simply isn’t worth it to take risks with your
bank deposits for slightly higher rates. (Read this to know why
But identifying a sound bank has become infinitely tougher post-Covid. Borrowers are just coming
out of a loan moratorium and banks are prevented from reporting their true bad loan picture due to
a Supreme Court standstill. If bad loan provisions get out of hand, some currently profitable banks
can turn loss-making or face capital shortfalls.

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debt funds
Mutual funds & ETFs

Why your debt funds have negative returns and what to do

Most of you are now comfortable with the fact that gilt funds can deliver negative returns in the short to medium term when rates move up. We have also written about it here. But the negative return prevalent in the past month or so, across most debt fund categories has troubled many of you.

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loss-making stocks

How to deal with loss-making stocks in your portfolio

When building a long-term equity portfolio, one common mistake that many of us make is to watch over our profit-making stocks with tender love and care, while orphaning our loss-making stocks. This, over time, leads to our portfolios featuring a few big winners but carrying a long tail of loser stocks that are down 80 or 90% from their buy price.

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