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FAQs: What does the recent rate hike mean for your debt funds?

We bet you must be tired of hearing about rate hikes and debt funds and strategies! But if your queries, comments and activity on our newly-launched PrimeInvestor Community are any indications, there are still several questions many of you have over your funds.

So, here’s collecting them all and explaining what you should be doing with your debt funds and if you need to do anything different in light of the latest round of rate hikes.

The search for high interest rates: where to draw the line

Low interest rates and rising inflation are a dilemma for savers. There is a constant conflict between risk and return. As far as the retail investor is concerned, he looks forward to being ‘protected’ by the regulators. Financial literacy does not come easy and ninety percent of us would not know the difference between a fixed deposit and a debenture.  And we would be forgiven in thinking that the term ‘secured’ debenture or bond means that every rupee we invest is safe! But where should we draw the line in the search for high interest rates?

What is the outlook for interest rates and debt funds?

The onset of the second wave of Covid has put long-term debt investors in India in a Trishanku-like situation (Trishanku was a king in Hindu mythology who was stuck between heaven and earth for perpetuity They can neither earn capital gains from falling rates nor look forward to better accrual income from rising interest …

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Are we at rock-bottom on interest rates?

As the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) decided to defy all expectations to hold its repo rates at 5.15 per cent yesterday, a sigh of relief must have gone around retirees and fixed deposit investors. But as the MPC has kept the door open for further cuts by signalling an ‘accommodative stance’, they must be wondering – “Is this rock-bottom for interest rates? How much lower can they go?”

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