Why banking is a fragile business

The recent furore surrounding the failure of Silicon Valley Bank in the US has exposed that while banking is a favourite sector with stock market investors, the fragility of the banking business is far from well-understood. Banks are held up as the engines of economic growth. Whichever sector grows, the banking sector ultimately gains. Banks are also accorded a higher valuation than most sectors during bull phases. In good times, banks made up a 40% plus weight in our leading stock market indices.

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Should you go for the 4-5-year special deposit schemes from NBFCs now?

With popular NBFCs such as Sundaram Finance, HDFC and Bajaj Finance revising their deposit rates in the past year, FD investors can finally look forward to better returns, after a long drought. Rising demand for loans in an improving economy, is forcing NBFCs to compete actively for deposits once again, prompting even top-rated ones to roll out deposit schemes for longer tenures of 4 to 5 years with ‘special’ rates. Sundaram Home Finance is offering 7.65% on its 4-year FD and HDFC has a special offer of 7.6% running its 45-month Sapphire Deposit scheme.
But are these rates special enough for you to lock in your money for longer tenures of 4 or 5 years?

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How are deposits, bonds and debt funds taxed?

Deposits, bonds and debt funds are great ways to diversify one’s portfolio. But the taxation on these instruments can decide whether an option is attractive or unattractive on a post-tax basis. Taxation, though varies across instruments and can be quite complex. The fact that not all debt instruments are taxed in the same way compounds the decision making dilemma on which option to choose. This write-up will break down the taxation aspect of popular debt instruments for resident individuals.

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6 ways to identify deposit scams

Some folks still have a fatal fascination for ‘better-than-FD’ returns advertised by unregulated entities – whether it is cryptocurrency exchanges offering interest rates of 12-14% on staking one’s crypto holdings, or peer-to-peer lending platforms promising you a 14% return from becoming part of a lending club. Informal entities ranging from unregistered chit funds run to the street corner jeweller tempt you to ‘deposit’ money with them promising high returns. 

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Higher rates offer a window of opportunity for NRIs

If you are an NRI, the chances are that you usually keep an eye out for places to park your surplus earnings in India that are safe, will protect you from exchange rate changes and fetch a respectable return. You probably already have NRE deposits and FCNR(B) deposits, the bank FD equivalents for NRIs. But did you know that there have been recent regulatory relaxations by RBI that give you a window of opportunity to lock into higher rates on these tried and tested savings tools? Here is a closer look.

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Where to park your VRS proceeds

The over 92,000 staffers who have opted for the Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) from BSNL and MTNL are now faced with the challenging task of finding a safe parking ground for their money while making sure it earns reasonable income in a low interest rate environment. They need to factor in liquidity and tax efficiency too. If you’re a VRS optee, don’t worry. Here’s a list of attractive investment options, ranked in the order of their safety.

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Are we at rock-bottom on interest rates?

As the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) decided to defy all expectations to hold its repo rates at 5.15 per cent yesterday, a sigh of relief must have gone around retirees and fixed deposit investors. But as the MPC has kept the door open for further cuts by signalling an ‘accommodative stance’, they must be wondering – “Is this rock-bottom for interest rates? How much lower can they go?”

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Why PrimeInvestor

The financial services marketplace is getting reshaped by three forces – a push to financialization, increasingly complex products, and digitization leading to the emergence of self-serve customers
Consequently, there is a need for providing cost-effective research and guidance to a new class of consumers
PrimeInvestor with its totally independent setup and a remarkable team, seeks to do that as a subscription-based, product-first, digital-channel service.
It’s a unique service – so, need a lot of feedback, and a lot of support 🙂

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