Prime Stock Recommendation: A play on urbanisation and premiumisation

Be it inside the home or office or in a family car or a metro rail, it is glass that protects you from the elements while allowing you to still see the outside world. Malls, commercial spaces and residential buildings all use more glass than in the past. The face of public transportation in cities is changing with the introduction of air-conditioned buses and metro rail systems. Wide glass windows, glass cubicle bathrooms and the big sunroof in SUVs are the fast-catching luxury trends. Simply put, glass is a proxy to economic growth aided by per-capita income growth, urbanisation and premiumisation with increasing use cases.  

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Muthoot and Manappuram – Explaining the valuation divergence

As the top two players in the oldest lending business in India, gold lending NBFCs Muthoot and Manappuram Finance don’t require much introduction to investors. Unlike other lending operations, gold lending still requires the physical presence of the customer and therefore fin-tech challengers are yet to figure out a way to crack this lucrative business. The adoption of digital technologies in gold lending is restricted to bank transactions and sales origination.

LIC IPO – the elephant makes an entry

On the LIC IPO, a lot is at stake. Rules have been bent, timelines collapsed and all the corners cut to meet deadlines and valuation numbers. The secondary market price is extremely critical for the government as it will decide the annual dilution of five percent that is likely to happen, to reduce the government ownership to seventy five percent over five years. So, for those who are worried about the price now, there is hope.

Prime Stock Recommendation: A power packed retail brand play

With Omicron fears fading and most States geared to quickly unlock and resume normal economic activity, PrimeInvestor believes that discretionary consumption is likely to stage a comeback. Branded apparel, wedding wear, formal workwear and innerwear are likely to be some of the first items that consumers are likely to view as feel-good purchases, on resumption of normal activity.

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Prime Stock recommendation : A preferred partner for drug discovery outsourcing

The company we have recommended is assisting global bio-pharmaceutical companies in the end-to-end process of drug discovery to manufacturing. There is an increasing trend within the global life sciences industry to partner with integrated contract research organisations that can provide customised and end-to-end solutions to both large conglomerates to young startup biotechs.

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Prime Equity Outlook 2022

Prime Equity Outlook 2022
It’s a little difficult to be optimistic about the year ahead when news headlines and social media debates are all about Covid counts and the mysterious symptoms of Omicron (or is it Deltacron?). Indeed, as we write this, two-thirds of PrimeInvestor’s tiny team has also been struck down by Covid-ish symptoms. 

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