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Prime Bond recommendation: An AT1 bond with high yield

At PrimeInvestor, we took an ultra-conservative approach to debt investments during Covid and just after it. But with economic recovery taking root, interest rates rising and credit offtake improving, we believe investors can shoot for higher yields by taking on some credit risk. Perpetual bonds from banks with sound financials are one option, offering good reward for risks taken. We are covering one such bond here.

Have short term money to park? Here’s a cast iron option

Lately, it is not just India’s stock market that has been hopping all over the place like an impatient child. The bond market has been doing it too! India’s 10-year government bond yield, which sets the benchmark for all other debt instruments, climbed vertically from 5.8% in July 2020 to 7.61% in June 2022. But after that, it has been unable to make up its mind on whether to climb higher or pause for breath. 

Prime Strategy: Time to lock into high yields and how

Eighteen months ago, it would have been difficult to imagine that there would be a time when debt investors in India would be spoilt for choice. But the sharp rise in market interest rates in India in the past year or so, has led to this happy situation. Between December 2020 and now, yields on …

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