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Use this passive fund for your large-and-midcap exposure

A few weeks ago, we had written in detail the categories in which we think passive funds have become a necessity to keep your portfolio returns stable; even if you hold active funds. We made this call as performance of active funds were becoming relatively more inconsistent, in a few key categories.

Prime Recommendation: An index to challenge midcap funds

For investors preferring to go the passive route, options were limited until recently. With the passive landscape changing now, it’s becoming increasingly possible to build a diversified portfolio using just passive strategies. And by this, we mean allocations to large-caps, multi-cap and even mid-cap and small-caps. If you are a passive-only investor, you could simply …

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What are the risks in index funds?

As some categories of active funds in India such as large-cap funds, have struggled to beat the sprinting Nifty50 and Sensex30 in the last couple of years, there’s a surge of interest in index investing.

But are there risks in index investing that investors are ignoring? Read on to find out.

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