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NFO review: IDFC US Treasury Bond 0-1 year Fund of Funds

US stocks and US equity funds have been quite a hit with Indian investors in recent years. Indians invest in these funds to gain exposure to global businesses (Amazon, Alphabet, Mastercard etc). More importantly, they would like to gain an exposure to the US dollar which has appreciated steadily against the Rupee over the years.
But the risks in owning US equities have become apparent lately, with the Fed on a rate hiking spree and the US economy flirting with a recession. US stock indices have lost 12-15% in one year, while US equity funds have seen losses of 6%-12%. But there has been a sharp rise in yields on US government bonds (treasuries).

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PhonePe’s Super Funds – Not so super!

When PhonePe announced last week that they were expanding their mutual funds offering on their app by offering so-called ‘Super Funds’, I was actually quite excited. I was an early adopter of the UPI app, and till date, it is my primary app for money transfers. They probably have the cleanest UX among all UPI apps and I was keenly watching their entry into MF services.

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