What returns should you expect from your debt funds?

The last two years of turmoil in the debt fund space may have left you wondering what returns to expect from debt funds. Will debt funds beat FD? Or would their returns hover somewhere around their yield (yield to maturity) as promised by some? Are double-digit returns possible in debt? Use this analysis to set more realistic expectations from debt funds instead of a vague 8% or 9% return you may have in mind.

Are we at rock-bottom on interest rates?

As the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) decided to defy all expectations to hold its repo rates at 5.15 per cent yesterday, a sigh of relief must have gone around retirees and fixed deposit investors. But as the MPC has kept the door open for further cuts by signalling an ‘accommodative stance’, they must be wondering – “Is this rock-bottom for interest rates? How much lower can they go?”

What we look for in FDs – The PrimeInvestor approach

“Is my fixed deposit with so-and-so company safe?” This query is cropping up often, after the recent default on fixed deposit repayments by Dewan Housing Finance Limited and RBI’s strictures on PMC Bank.

At PrimeInvestor, our approach to curating a list of fixed deposits is to put safety far ahead of return considerations. Here’s the approach we use to choose our recommended list of FDs.

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