cost inflation index
Bipin Ramachandran

How cost inflation index helps reduce your debt fund taxation

Back on June 15th, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) notified the Cost Inflation Index (CII) of the financial year FY 2021-22 as 317, against 301 for the previous year FY2020-21. This 5.32% spike marks a change from the lower revisions in earlier years.

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NPS Taxation
Aarati Krishnan

Untangling NPS taxation

NPS Taxation rules change as often as the weather and are infinitely complicated. Here’s an attempt to demystify them.

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How are mutual funds taxed
Investment basics
PrimeInvestor Desk

How are mutual funds taxed?

In a mutual fund, you make returns in two ways. How are mutual funds taxed for each of these ways? It depends on the nature of return. 

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