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When the last bull throws in the towel: Are we at market capitulation?

Capitulation marks the end phase that puts a full stop to a bear market and lays the foundation for the next bull phase. 

Capitulation is a phase when the sentiment turns so negative that the bellwether indices, stock prices and stock valuations plunge to levels which fundamental analysts didn’t even imagine! When Warren Buffett asks you to ‘buy when there’s blood on the Street’, it is the capitulation phase he’s referring to.

Prime Stock recommendation: An averaging call

This stock had corrected 30% since our recommendation. We initiated our call after the Q1FY22 results, in September 2021. You can consider averaging the stock now (Rs 267.5 at the time of this call). We explain the rationale below. 

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Prime Stock recommendation: From Tonnage to Technology

In India too, industrial sector stocks have been doing much better in the recent past despite a sharp market correction, on the hope of an investment-led growth. We are picking up a major player from the industrial space that has its share of business from the US market as well, while transforming itself to a products and technology player. 

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Technical outlook: A sector index on the recovery

We have been giving the outlook for the Nifty 50 over the past several months. With the market movements, there is no significant change that we can see from the stance explained in the earlier outlooks. Therefore, now, we turn our focus on two interesting sectors apart from the Nifty 50 – one that’s on the cusp of a recovery and the other.

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Prime recommendation: Book profits on this equity fund

We had taken a positive view on commodities early on, and added the theme through our ‘Economic Revival’ category under Thematic Investing since our inception in January 2020. But we added a commodity fund as part of the Strategic/thematic section in Prime Funds later in March 2021. The call was a bit late but yielded good results. Now we would like to alert you to book profits on this equity fund (NOT sell) and prune it back to your original capital. 

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Debt fund opportunities – the category that’s at a low

The headlines now are devoted to sliding equity markets and stock opportunities to ‘buy the dip’. But that’s not the only window of opportunity to make the most of a correction. With the hike in repo rates earlier this month and a clear path now for higher rates, debt markets too offer scope for timely investments.

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