mutual fund portfolio review

Quarterly Review: Prime Portfolios performance review & quarter changes

Prime Portfolios are a set of 19 unique portfolios that meet over 30 different investor timeframes and needs. Prime Portfolios are listed under Ready-to-use-portfolios in the Recommendations dropdown. These portfolios primarily use mutual funds, but where there are better-suited products such as deposits or government schemes, the portfolios include those as well.

We review these portfolios every quarter and make changes to remove underperformers or to include any new investment opportunity or product that may come by. At the end of each year, we review the performance of key portfolios, in addition to discussing the changes we make.

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How to review your mutual fund portfolio

When answering the question of ‘How to review your mutual fund portfolio’,  some of the frequently asked questions that we receive from you are as follows :
“My fund is underperforming. Should I sell it or not?”.
“How to go about selling a fund – in one shot or in a staggered manner?”
“How long should I hold an underperformer?

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