Are you looking for the next HDFC Bank?

There is no dearth of stock market stories about the next HDFC bank or the next Page Industries or the next Dixon Technologies. In the recent IPO boom, this comparison went to the next level – comparing Indian companies with global giants.

But this kind of chasing the next big multi bagger, has seldom yielded rich dividends for investors.

Re-rating: The X factor in multi-bagger returns

Ask any new CFA pass-out what drives stock returns in the long run and he’ll likely tell you that is earnings, of course! Equity analysts spend many man (and woman) hours on excel sheets, trying to model the future earnings of companies, to identify stocks to bet on.
But if you look at the journey of multi-bagger stocks over any time period, you’ll find that there’s an X factor apart from earnings that drives multi-bagger returns.

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