Franklin Judgement
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Franklin judgement – What’s said and what’s left unsaid

SEBI has come out with its order regarding l’affaire Franklin Templeton debt funds. The 100-page document is categorical in its indictment of the AMC and the ways in which these debt funds were managed. 2 messages are clear from the order: One, investor protection is paramount to the regulator. Two, fund managers and AMCs cannot take their fund management responsibility lightly.

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Vidya Bala

Franklin funds are winding up. Will you get your money back?

Franklin India AMC has announced that it is winding up 6 of its schemes – Franklin India Ultra Short Bond, Franklin India Short Term Income, Franklin India Dynamic Accrual, Franklin India Credit Risk, Franklin India Low Duration Fund and Franklin India Income Opportunities Fund. These are some of the most popular funds managed by the AMC.

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