What is IDCW in mutual funds?, Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal
Investment basics
Pavithra Jaivant

What is IDCW in mutual funds?

As a mutual fund investor, chances are you’re wondering what is IDCW in mutual funds. Investing in mutual funds can sometimes feel like an exam with a lot of multiple choice questions – regular plan or direct plan, growth option or IDCW.

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dividend yield
R Balakrishnan

In dividends we trust: The right way to approach dividend yield investing

A dividend cheque hitting our bank accounts is the nicest thing to happen. But lately this has led to some investors thinking that dividend yield investing is a simple strategy. The other day someone posted on Twitter that he would like to accumulate a portfolio of select companies and get an annual dividend to around …

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budget tax change
Vidya Bala

No DDT – the impact on your dividend income

The Budget proposal 10 days ago that gets rid of DDT changes things for you. You must now take stock of whether it makes sense for you to continue the dividend option in mutual funds and how else to plan for dividends from stocks.

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2020 budget
Vidya Bala

Budget 2020 and you!

Budget 2020 disappointed investors and markets. Is it all as bad as it is made out to be? We’ll discuss that in a more detailed article next week. For now, let’s look at the impact on your personal finance and taxes.

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