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About the company
HDFC is a deposit-taking Housing Finance Company registered with NHB, established in 1977. The bulk of HDFC’s advances are made up of mortgage, home improvement and extension loans to individuals who made up 74% of its loan book in September 30, 2019. Apart from financing home mortgage loans, HDFC does offer construction finance (12%), lease rental discounting (8 %) and corporate loans (4%) to a limited extent. It has large subsidiaries operating in banking, life insurance, mutual fund, general insurance, education loan and financial services. The company had deposits to the tune of Rs 1.22 lakh crore by September 30, 2019. For the half-year ended September 2019, it reported consolidated revenues of Rs 56,091 crore up by 31% and consolidated PBT of Rs 16,641 crore, up by 42.5% over the same period last year.
Risk metrics Comments
Credit Rating CRISIL FAAA Stable. Click to view credit report
Capital adequacy CRAR of 19.6% against regulatory norm of 12% by September 2019. CRAR Tier 1 of 18.1% against norm of 6%
Asset quality Net NPA 0.4%, Gross NPA 1.33% by September 2019
Liquidity Assets exceed liabilities upto 1 year but have negative mismatch over 1-5 years, but this is not unusual given the nature of mortgage business


  1. Rates higher by 0.25% for senior citizens. 
  2. The company’s regular income FDs have only monthly, quarterly and half-yearly payout with no annual payout
  3. Minimum deposit at Rs 40,000 for monthly payout, Rs 20,000 for other options.

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