What is PrimeInvestor

PrimeInvestor is a platform that delivers researched
investment solutions to individual investors.

We are the new-age answer to investors who are seeking high-quality and unbiased guidance for their investments. We sift through the hundreds of personal finance investment products out there across and filter them using exhaustive quantitative and qualitative metrics.

We distill this extensive research into a list of good, investment-worthy products for you, for every goal that you may have. We package these in a way that you can easily understand and implement. And we don’t just stop at one-time solutions. We follow up on all our recommendations regularly and keep you up-to-date on what is good so that your investments are always on track. We also let you know what not to invest in, when needed.

Our offerings

Hand-crafted by experts & Easy to use for you.

Prime Ratings

our unique in-house mutual fund rating tool that allows you to check where your funds stand
Discover Prime Ratings

Prime Funds

Our recommended list of mutual funds across all categories for you to build your own portfolio
Discover Prime Funds

Prime Stocks

Our recommended list of stocks for the long term, monitored and alerted at the right time. 
Discover Prime Stocks

MF Review Tool

Our buy/hold/sell call on mutual funds that you own or want an opinion on

Prime ETFs

Our recommended list of ETFs, featuring those that fly under the radar or offer something different for your portfolio
Discover Prime ETFs

Prime Deposits

Our recommended list of fixed deposits, for both regular payout and cumulative options
Discover Prime Deposits

Theme Park

our list of mutual funds and ETFs to play with themes and strategies that you're convinced about
Discover Theme Park

Term Insurance Comparison Tool

A DIY tool with all key metrics to assess and choose the term cover that suits you the best
Compare insurance terms

Prime Portfolios

Our dozens of ready-to-use portfolios designed for every need you may have, combining deposits, MFs, ETFs, and more

Prime Term Insurance

Our Unbiased List Of Term Policies Shortlisted And Ranked, Based On The Most Comprehensive Set Of Performance Metrics, Little Known Or Used Elsewhere

Views to use

strategies, product reviews, or our opinion on equity & debt markets and products on a weekly basis
Discover Views


Calls on what you should do on key events that can affect your investments
Our alert articles


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Stay updated

We will be adding more products in a phased manner.
Our aim is to cover every regulated product that is made available to a retail investor and is good for the investor.

What we are not

Our solution is one of a kind and new to the Indian market, and we have already received several queries on what we are. In addition to the explanation above, we thought it best to clarify it by also stating what we are not:

  1. We are not an agent or a distributor for mutual funds or insurance products or a broker for equities. We are not a transaction platform. You can execute our recommendations through any medium, whether online or offline, of your choice.
  2. We do not receive any commissions, brokerage, or incentives from any product manufacturers since we do not sell any products. Our revenue comes from the subscription fee that you pay to access all our products. We are loyal only to our subscribers – investors such as yourself  and have no conflict of interest of any kind.
  3. We are not a content platform nor a publication firm that simply writes on investments and/or carries advertisements. We are a product platform providing researched investment solutions and portfolios for your investment needs. The recommendations provided by general and media publications are not regulated by SEBI, are adhoc by nature, and may not be backed by expert research. We are a SEBI-regulated RA (Research Analyst) registered entity. We provide researched recommendations and regularly follow up on them.
  4. We are not a tool that will provide you with data. As our tagline says – ‘We research, you profit’. This means that we provide you with actionable insights and recommendations through our analysis.
  5. We are not a Registered Investment Advisor at this point. We are a ‘Research Analyst’ entity registered under SEBI. That means regulation does not permit us to provide financial planning  or individual portfolio building and review.

    We do not help build portfolios to suit your individual needs or risk profile. We do not also review/maintain/manage your portfolios. We have recommendations on the platform that you are free to choose based on your requirements. We regularly provide review and updates on our recommendations and you are free to act on them. 

    We will, however, be happy to answer your queries on the recommendations and portfolios we offer on the platform. Our portfolio review tool will provide our opinions on the products you hold.

  6. We do not provide relationship managers who will talk to you and guide you with investments. Our platform is well-equipped to help you with your investments, as we have recommended product lists to build your own portfolio, ready-to-use portfolios if you need help, periodic reviews of our recommendations, and review tools for our calls on funds you may hold. You can always write to us with specific questions on our recommendations, views or strategies. We will be happy to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions

PrimeInvestor is not a content platform. We do not provide constant news or analysis on every event that is happening. We are a researched-product platform for retail investment products. We provide you with recommended product lists and ready-to-use portfolios, follow up on them, and provide strategies, reviews and alerts on market events that you can act on. You are free to execute our recommendations on any platform. Your PrimeInvestor subscription will help you know whether you need to make any changes on our recommendations and alerts you to any events that require action from your side.

PrimeInvestor is not a transaction platform. We are not distributors of any products and do not charge brokerage on any transactions. We are a product platform exclusively providing independent research recommendations across personal finance products – stocks, deposits, mutual funds, ETFs, government savings schemes, term insurance and later health insurance & more.

PrimeInvestor is not a newsletter or publication. We are a research platform regulated by SEBI, and are a registered ‘Research Analyst’ entity. Publication firms and most personal finance blogs do not come under SEBI’s regulatory ambit.

We do not just write about good products. We don’t just provide views and move to the next topic. We build investment solutions and make them available on the platform. We take the responsibility to review our recommendations and provide quarterly updates. We provide our calls on the funds you hold. We do not take any product advertisements on our platform. We do not get incentives in any form or commissions from product manufacturers.

We are not financial planners and will not provide financial planning and analysis of individual portfolios. We do not review individual portfolios. You can use our review tool to check how your funds are doing and write to us if you have queries on our recommendations. Our updates, regular product reviews and alerts will make sure you know where to invest, what to exit and when it is a good time to act on key events.

We do not provide any relationship managers who will talk to you and guide you with investments. We do not offer one-on-one discussions with you about your investments. Our platform is well-equipped to help you manage your investments with researched product lists and ready-to-use portfolios. We also provide review tools for you to check our calls on funds you may hold. You can write to us with specific questions on our recommendations, views or strategies and we will be happy to respond to them.

We are not a transaction platform. We only provide research as a service to you. You are free to execute your investments wherever you want. We think there are several established platforms out there that will do a good job for you. We do not want to reinvent the wheel. Our primary focus is to provide you with good research and advice which transaction platforms do not do. We want to help you confidently take control of your money.

You can consider platforms such as Zerodha Coin, FundsIndia, ScripBox, Kuvera, Groww or the respective AMC platforms to invest in mutual funds. Please note that some of these offer direct plans and the others are distribution platforms. For equities, you can go with any of the online platforms offered by large established banks or any of the large brokerages. For deposits, very few offer online mode of investing –  you can check the online options of the deposit-taking companies or go with regular agents.

We do not manage your money. We believe we are equipping you to ensure you take control of your finances instead of letting it be managed by somebody else. This way, you will likely save money (for example, with direct plans of MFs), take onus for your decisions, and know where your investments are and how they are faring at all times. Also, your investments will be guided by what’s in your best interest rather than by vested interests and bias.

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