Welcome to Prime takes – Short-takes on assorted things

We’re happy to get started with a new, experimental section in the PrimeInvestor platform. We are calling it ‘Prime Takes’ – short essays published in an ad-hoc fashion (meaning, whenever we feel like 🙂 ) about things we find interesting.

You can access these by going to https://primeinvestor.in/short-takes

Please note:

  1. There will be no specific email notifications about these essays. However, we will include them in our digest mail on the weekends.
  2. These will not be in-depth research articles – they will be opinion pieces (i.e not really recommendations) or observations about markets and personal finance that we think are worth sharing, but not quite worth a detailed write-up
  3. There is no set schedule for these articles

The rest – we’ll figure out as we go along! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Prime takes – Short-takes on assorted things”

  1. Good initiative. Is it a good idea to include a “Prime Cuts” tab under “Article”s, as well as include the prime cuts under “All articles”?

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