How is your insurance policy taxed?

Some of us may be hoarse from shouting about why tax benefits should not be the reason we buy insurance. Shouting notwithstanding, tax treatment remains a key consideration when buying insurance of almost any sort and this is what we look at in this article.
There are two points in time when the tax aspect will have to be kept in mind:
First at the time of premium payment
Second, at the time of a payout in the form of a claim being met or maturity benefits being paid out.

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ULIP vs. Mutual Fund – where should you invest?

As far as investment products go, ULIPs (short for Unit Linked Insurance Products) have the reputation of being the ‘bad boys’. While investor wariness toward ULIPs in their earlier avatar was justified, they have evolved since their pre-2010 days following changes made by IRDAI. However, ULIPs have still not entirely managed to shake off their reputation. In this article, we pit the present day ULIP vs. mutual funds – and compare them on parameters such as their function, how they invest your money, liquidity, expenses and tax treatment and see how they stack up.

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