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Prime Stocks update: How this EV player is placed now

We had, in mid-2021, initiated a buy call on a stock that was reinventing itself from a supplier of diesel engines into an EV player. It was an early call we’d made on the EV boom, which appears well-timed as electric 2-wheeler sales jumped from 16,000 units in 2018 to 150,000 units in 2021 to a whopping 615,000 units in 2022!
With the EV 2-wheeler market now clearly segmenting itself, there is more clarity on how competition and market share is shaping up. The EV 2-wheeler industry is also going through regulatory tightening.

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Prime stock recommendation: A consumer durables play gearing for a comeback

Consumer durables, a key consumer category, bore the brunt of Covid as companies lost two business seasons in FY21 and FY22 to lockdowns and supply disruptions. As demand took a hit, the sector lost its sheen, especially white goods and small appliances, leaving investors disappointed over the last 2 years amid a soaring market.  

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Prime Stock recommendation: A capital goods player taking the inorganic route

Apart from corporate capex, production linked incentive (PLI) of the government and China-plus-one strategy, the manufacturing space is also undergoing a transition. Companies that have already invested or are now investing to meet the above demand triggers are readying themselves for future growth. This capital goods stock is one such superior player.

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Prime Stock recommendation: From Tonnage to Technology

In India too, industrial sector stocks have been doing much better in the recent past despite a sharp market correction, on the hope of an investment-led growth. We are picking up a major player from the industrial space that has its share of business from the US market as well, while transforming itself to a products and technology player. 

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Prime Stock Recommendation : Investing in the business of risk

A few weeks ago, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway announced the acquisition of Alleghany Corporation with a $11.6 billion deal, its largest buy-out deal in six years. The decision has come at a time when the general insurance industry has faced headwinds in the last 2-3 years. But there is no one better than Buffett to understand the prospects and valuation of an insurance company.  Berkshire Hathaway owes its long-term wealth creation success to excellent underwriting skills in its insurance subsidiaries and clever usage of the float from insurance to build a long-term equity portfolio. 

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Prime Stock Recommendation: A financial space disruptor

India’s credit growth remains in single digits even as the economy is recovering from the pandemic. This poor credit growth comes on the back of prime borrowers migrating to bond markets and retail depositors and borrowers finding fintech alternatives attractive. These are but some indicators that India’s universal banks are set to face considerable disruption going forward.

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Prime Stock Recommendation: A unique capital goods play

If you screen for this stock under the capital goods sector in any screener, chances are that you will miss it. Because it is not your regular capital goods company. Some databases classify it under ‘consumer durables’, while others called it a ‘computer and electronic manufacturer’. This company is none of these entirely but still some of these. But this outlier stock is a worthy one in the capital goods space. Here’s why.

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Prime Stock Recommendation : A lesser-known niche bio-tech player

Specialty chemicals and API makers are the flavour of the season. Here is a lesser-known niche bio-tech player in the enzymes and probiotics space that is worth looking at. The world is becoming increasingly aware of the harmful effects of chemicals on health. Natural alternatives to boost the immune system are gaining traction…

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