Podcast: Why is gold at a lifetime high? Should you buy now?

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What is this episode about?

In this, the 17th episode of the Prime Podcast, Vidya Bala chats with Aarati Krishnan about a topic that has been on a lot of people’s minds lately. Sky rocketing gold prices! With a 24% run-up in the last six months, with most of it happening in the last three months alone, it is but natural that we have been receiving a lot of queries around it.

So in this episode, Vidya Bala and Aarati Krishnan talk about the factors behind this rally, whether it could signify a structural change, and other important aspects for investors including how you should approach your exposure to the yellow metal, should you pare down or ramp up your exposure and what routes you should take to invest in it.

Why is gold at a lifetime high? Should you buy now?

Key segments in the podcast discussion on gold

  1. Introduction (0:00 – 0:40)
  2. What is driving the current rally in gold prices? Geo-political tensions? De-dollarisation? Or something more? (0:57 – 5:15)
  3. Could it be a structural change? (5:16 – 7:15)
  4. How should you approach it going forward? (7:15 – 08:55)
  5. Would a 50% allocation to gold work? (08:57 – 13:00)
  6. Using debt and gold to diversify your equity portfolio – Can they be used interchangeably? (13:55 – 16:48)
  7. SGBs or ETFs – the best route to take (16:50 – 20:37)

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7 thoughts on “Podcast: Why is gold at a lifetime high? Should you buy now?”

    1. For investments in gold ETFs/funds from April 1, 2023, there in no LTCG. All gain will be taxed at your slab. Investments before April 1,2023 will continue to get LTC benefit.


    Good insights on a hot theme going on right now Aarati Mam! The allocation should be from Equity and not debt is new insight to me. Thanks!!

    1. When you say no issue – if you mean gauranteed growth – that is a market risk – based on gold price movement for the residual period of your holding. There will be no risk of liquidity and no risk of govt. repaying the then price, if you mean those.

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