multi-bagger stocks
N V Chandrachoodamani

The magic formula to identify multi-bagger stocks

Bull markets are always decked with stories of compounders and multi-bagger stocks, pushing investors to hunt for multi-bagger stocks in every investment they make. But as many of us know, very few companies end up delivering such high returns, over a sustained period.

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Aarati Krishnan

5 things they don’t tell you about finding multibaggers

With the bull market in full swing, there’s no dearth of investors, trading platforms and fintech firms out to convince you that making money from equities is a breeze.
Ads for a fintech firm show folks who can’t manage everyday stuff like shopping, exercising or keeping to a diet, trading in stocks as easy as pie.
Newly sprung up investing gurus tell you that all you need to do to earn untold riches, is to identify a bunch of ‘quality’ stocks and invest in them robotically.

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