Podcast : Sector Funds, Foreign investments in India, Startups & more!

What is this podcast about?

In this third episode of the PrimeInvestor podcast, we delve into the latest news events that have a significant impact on the markets and your investments. We cover a range of topics, including the remarkable milestone of the Nifty crossing the 19,000 mark, highlighting the Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit to the US, the potential FDI inflows from the US tech giants and why FDI is important from a capital market perspective as well. Additionally, we discuss the intriguing large-scale block deals that have been making waves in the market and the exciting merger between HDFC and HDFC Bank. Vidya provides invaluable insights and in-depth analysis on some these events, shedding light on how they influence the economy and impact investors.

Moving on to the main focus of the podcast, we explore the world of sector funds. Sector funds are specialised investment vehicles that concentrate their holdings in a specific industry or sector. Vidya takes the time to explain the intricacies of sector funds, outlining how they operate and addressing the question of whether they are a worthwhile investment option. Furthermore, she draws a distinction between sector funds and theme funds, which encompass investments in various sectors or industries based on a common theme or idea.

These funds tend to be more volatile, cyclical, and susceptible to external factors compared to diversified funds. As a result, Vidya advises potential investors to consider these funds only if they possess a high risk appetite, a comprehensive understanding of the specific sector or theme, and the significance of timing both the entry and exit points.

In addition to discussing the risks, Vidya provides valuable tips on how to select a suitable sector or theme fund and blend it with one’s portfolio along with other category of funds. Furthermore, she explains how to go about investing in such themes – through lumpsums or SIPs – and whether they should form part of one’s core portfolio.

Overall, this podcast episode provides a comprehensive overview of the latest market events and their implications, coupled with a detailed exploration of sector funds. Listeners gain valuable insights into the intricacies of these investment vehicles and receive expert guidance on how to navigate the associated risks and opportunities.

Podcast : Sector Funds, Foreign investments in India, Startups & more!

Key segments in the podcast discussion

  • Intro (0:00 – 0:53)
  • Nifty crosses 19,000 mark (0:54 – 1:20)
  • PM Modi’s visit to US and FDI inflows (1:21 – 5:26)
  • Large scale block deals in the market (5:27 – 6:01)
  • Byju’s and other cash burning startups (6:02 – 13:06)
  • HDFC and HDFC Bank merger (13:07 – 13:37)
  • Risk in Sector Funds (14:33 – 17:33)
  • Lumpsum vs SIP for Sector Funds (17:34 – 20:16)
  • Importance of timing in Sector Funds (20:17 – 23:30)
  • How to find the best Sector Fund (23:31 – 29:00)

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    1. Bhavana Acharya

      Please check Prime Funds, for our sector/thematic recommendations 🙂 For themes/sectors where we have a positive view, and if there is a fund to play it right, we add it to our fund reco list. We also tell you when to exit/book profit. – thanks, Bhavana

  1. Gopalakrishnan CS

    I never knew podcast could be so informative. Presentation of all the 3 Podcasts so far was spot on. Explained in an easy to understand format. Cheers

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