A wide range of readymade portfolios built using our researched mutual funds, deposits, and ETFs to invest in today.


Ready-to-use portfolios
for every need, for everyone

Each portfolio is designed to meet a specific purpose. Pick the portfolio that best matches what you’re looking for.

Time frame based

Saving for retirement? Children’s education? Something else? You set your goal & timeframe, we’ll give you the portfolio.

Passive Investing

For those looking for low-cost, no-fuss passive index fund or ETF options. Portfolios that perfectly balance different market opportunities.

High Growth

Blends high-returning, high-risk mutual funds across categories for the risk-taker seeking superior long-term returns.

Income & Growth

You need regular cash flows and yet can’t give up on growing your capital. Here’s a solution to help with your twin goals.

Retiree income

Portfolios combining deposits, government schemes & mutual funds to set up your post-retirement income stream.

Tax Saving

Want to minimise the taxman’s bite? This portfolio uses the investments that best hit the returns and tax saving targets.


Want to build savings for a rainy day, be it a family emergency or a job loss? Stay at peace with this portfolio for a rainy day.

NRI investing

NRI looking to invest in India? Active and passive portfolios designed to capture long-term equity market opportunities.

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We have re-organised Prime Portfolios for easier access. But don’t worry! Your Prime Portfolio is just renamed!

You ask, we answer

Some frequently asked questions about Prime Portfolios.

All Prime Portfolios can be invested through SIPs or lumpsums. You can choose whichever route is most convenient for you. For equity-heavy portfolios, if you intend to invest through lumpsum, make sure you make multiple such lump sum investments across market levels in order to reduce risks of market timing and to improve overall returns. you can understand more about SIPs and lumpsums in this article.

As most funds have minimum investment requirements, you may need at least Rs 20,000 for a lump sum investment and Rs 5,000 a month for an SIP to mimic the portfolio weights. If your investment is less than that, you can combine individual fund weights while keeping the asset allocation intact or you can choose funds from Prime Funds and use the asset allocation in the Prime Portfolio as a guide.

We review all Prime Portfolios at the end of every quarter. Where necessary, we make changes to the portfolios to ensure they remain on track.

We notify these changes through email after our review process is complete. We explain the action that you need to take for every change that we make. You will find the history of all changes made in each portfolio in the portfolio page as well.

Click the ‘Follow’ button to receive specific notifications and to add the portfolio to your Dashboard, which also doubles up as alerts to portfolio changes.

We highly recommend using the direct plan option.

However, you can choose either the direct or regular option to invest in the funds, depending on which platform or mode you use to make investments regularly. The portfolios remain the same for both. However, note that some funds have a much higher expense ratio in the regular plan.

Yes, you can. If your investment amount is higher, for example, you can add more funds using Prime Funds as a reference or the MF Review Tool. To know how to further build upon Prime Portfolios, read this detailed article.

If our Prime Portfolios don’t quite suit your tastes, you can design your own portfolio using our Build Your Own Portfolio tool. This tool takes in your inputs and guides you into creating a customised portfolio to meet your requirements.

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