Podcast: Lessons from the book ‘What I learned about investing from Darwin’

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What is this episode about?

Nalanda Capital’s founder Pulak Prasad wrote a book with an interesting title – ‘ What I learned about investing from Darwin’. PrimeInvestor’s analyst Chandrachoodamani reviewed it a couple of weeks ago and you can read it here: Book review: Unlocking Nalanda Capital’s best guarded investment formula. In this episode of Prime Podcast, Vidya Bala draws out some insightful lessons on investing that investors can benefit from.

After a brief introduction on what investing has to do with evolutionary biology, Vidya Bala introduces you to Nalanda Capital and the three principles behind its hugely successful investing philosophy. She then delves into each of these three principles and draws out lessons that can be applied to investing by everyone.

She closes off with why it’s important to be like a honeybee but it isn’t easy to do so. Intrigued? Listen to the podcast!

Lessons from the book what I learned about investing from Darwin

Key segments in the podcast discussion

  1. Introduction (0:00 – 1:18)
  2. What does investing have to do with evolutionary biology (1:19 – 3:58)
  3. Nalanda Capital and their hugely successful investing philosophy (3:59 – 5:24)
  4. The first principle – Avoid big risks (5:25 – 10:54)
  5. The second principle – High quality at a fair price (10:55 – 21:32)
  6. The third principle – Don’t be lazy. Be very lazy. (21:36 – 30:28)
  7. Be like a honeybee (30:30 – 33:33)

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