Podcast : Founders’ journey with FundsIndia, India on the moon & Finfluencers!

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What is this episode about?

In this seventh episode of the Prime Podcast, Vidya Bala and Srikanth Meenakshi (co-founders of PrimeInvestor) cover a myriad of subjects, from corporate acquisitions to lunar exploration, all while tying them back to the realm of personal finance and investing.

In this episode, they dissect the implications of Titan’s acquisition and discuss the market’s reaction.

Vidya then analyzes the recent spike in inflation, with July seeing a 15-month high at 7.44%. This surge, driven by food prices, has implications for the Reserve Bank of India’s monetary policy. She explores the reasons behind this inflation hike and its impact on the financial landscape.

Diving into the world of social media influencers and their role in financial advice, the hosts discuss the Advertising Standards Council of India’s (ASCI) move to tighten guidelines for “finfluencers,” who provide financial advice on social platforms. ASCI’s new regulations mandate SEBI registration for investment-related advice.

In a momentous stride for India’s space program, Chandrayaan-3 successfully landed on the Moon, marking the nation’s achievement as the fourth to accomplish a soft lunar landing. Srikanth & Vidya explore the geopolitical prospects linked to this achievement, all while drawing parallels to the production costs of Hollywood’s own Interstellar.

They then shift focus to technology and space exploration, as they delve into Apple supplier Foxconn’s production of the iPhone 15 in India and the success of India’s space program.

In the main segment of the podcast, the hosts take a trip down memory lane with Srikanth and Vidya, reflecting on the journey from FundsIndia to PrimeInvestor. Amid the changes in the fintech landscape, they revisit the lessons learned, including the significance of direct plans, diversified products, and managing customer expectations. They delve into how these insights have shaped the inception and growth of PrimeInvestor.

Vidya and Srikanth engage in a candid conversation about their experiences and learning curves, highlighting the evolution of investment tools in India and subsequently in PrimeInvestor.

Podcast : Founders’ journey with FundsIndia, India on the moon & Finfluencers!

Key segments in the podcast discussion

  • Titan buys remaining stake in Caratlane. Inflation spikes (0:37 – 2:03)
  • Retail inflation at 15 month high (2:04 – 3:26)
  • Finfluencers to register with SEBI (3:27 – 7:43)
  • iPhone 15 production in India (7:44 – 9:44)
  • India on the moon (9:45 – 11:50)
  • Blast from the past – Founders’ journey with FundsIndia (12:01 – 24:32)

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