Podcast : 10 reasons to try the Portfolio Review Pro today!

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What is this episode about?

In this special bonus episode of the PrimeInvestor podcast, our co-founder, Srikanth Meenakshi presents 10 distinct benefits of the Portfolio Review Pro tool, aimed at helping mutual fund investors optimize their portfolios :

  1. Consolidated Portfolio View: The tool offers a consolidated view of an investor’s mutual fund holdings, regardless of the platform or method used for investing. It brings scattered holdings together, providing a comprehensive overview.
  2. Deeper Portfolio Insights: The tool provides an in-depth analysis of the portfolio’s composition, such as the allocation to large, mid, and small-cap stocks, equity, debt & a lot more. This comprehensive snapshot offers a more nuanced understanding of your portfolio.
  3. Personalized Review: The portfolio review is tailored to the investor’s age, investment time frame, and risk tolerance. The analysis gauges whether the current portfolio risk aligns with the investor’s risk profile.
  4. Identification of Underperformers: By applying robust research criteria, the tool identifies underperforming funds in the portfolio. This data-driven analysis assists investors in making informed decisions about fund retention or replacement.
  5. Optimal Asset Allocation: The tool suggests an appropriate asset allocation based on the investor’s age, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. It highlights any deviation from the recommended allocation.
  6. Matching Portfolio and Risk: The tool assesses whether the portfolio’s risk aligns with the investor’s risk tolerance. It helps investors maintain a portfolio that matches their comfort level.
  7. Identifying Fund Quality: Leveraging the team’s research expertise, the tool provides recommendations on which funds to hold, sell, or invest in. It evaluates the quality of funds within the portfolio.
  8. Concentration Risk Evaluation: The tool assesses concentration risk from different angles, such as asset class, asset management company, and sector. This analysis highlights whether the portfolio is overly focused on certain asset classes, sectors or AMCs.
  9. Cost Efficiency Analysis: For regular funds, the tool assesses their cost-effectiveness. It identifies expensive funds and suggests alternatives that maintain quality and performance.
  10. Flexible Review Approach: Investors can choose which funds to review based on specific criteria, such as time frames and risk tolerance. This flexibility allows investors to focus on relevant parts of their portfolio.

Srikanth emphasizes that the tool doesn’t just offer a generic review but tailors its insights to individual investors. It empowers you to make well-informed decisions about your mutual fund holdings.

Podcast : 10 reasons to try the Portfolio Review Pro today!

Key segments in the podcast discussion

  1. Consolidated view of all your mutual fund holdings in one single place (1:46 – 3:33)
  2. Deeper insights into your portfolio (3:34 – 5:34)
  3. Personalised review (5:35 – 6:34)
  4. Identify underperformers and know what to do with them (6:35 – 7:32)
  5. Know your (current and optimal) asset allocation (7:33 – 8:22)
  6. Align your risk with your portfolio’s risk (8:23 – 9:34)
  7. Identify quality of funds (9:35 – 10:32)
  8. Know if you’re holding the right # of funds and # of funds from the same AMC (10:33 – 11:46)
  9. Identify expensive mutual funds in your portfolio (11:47 – 13:07)
  10. Flexible portfolio review analysis (13:08 – 14:54)

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2 thoughts on “Podcast : 10 reasons to try the Portfolio Review Pro today!”

  1. The Portfolio Review Tool is not working, after getting a review on 7th August2023, after a week/10 days, I tried updation but the tool is not working, just hanging …tried again today, same result ie no updation happening

    1. Hello Sir,

      the data retrieval from provider seems to have taken a little longer than expected. It got updated even as you closed it. So if you open now, you will find the updated data. thanks, vidya

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