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Below 1 

Children’s education

Does your child dream of becoming an ISRO scientist, a robotics engineer, a Super Singer? Whatever the dream, you can fund it.

Wedding planning


Your happiest life event should not entail a mountain of debt. Save ahead for your wedding, and make a great, debt-free beginning!

Retirement Plan 

Retirement target

Have you put retirement planning on the back-burner because you’re just too worried about it? Make a simple start here.

Above 7 


All you want is a long-overdue vacation with your family to a lovely locale. So why borrow when you can fund it with your own savings?

Home Loan 

Down payment for home

Your heart’s set on a dream home and you plan to take loan. But have you saved for the down payment? Here’s a plan for that.


Ultimate wealth

There are no Ambanis in your family, but you plan to get rich. Extra zeros on your net worth are not out of reach, if you start early!

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