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How are mutual funds taxed

Tax-saving portfolio

Want to minimise the taxman’s bite this year? Here are investments that will do the trick and leave some money in your pocket.


Income and Growth Portfolio

You need regular cash flows and yet can’t give up on growing your capital. Here’s a solution to help with your twin goals.

Rupee notes & coins

Regular Income portfolio

Getting a regular income stream with limited risk is your top priority. Use our combo of deposits and low-risk debt funds to meet that need.

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Researched list of top-quality funds across categories


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Curated list of fixed deposits for returns with lower risk.

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Top ETFs

Researched list of unique ETFs for passive investing.

Portfolio review

PrimeInvestor Mutual fund Review Tool

Prime Review is our mutual fund review tool that tells you about our views on the funds you may hold. Buy or hold or sell the fund – this is the response you will receive on choosing funds you wish to be reviewed. Know that our view on the fund is based on its performance, as well as the qualitative metrics we consider.

Funds for thematic investing

Income generation 

Theme - Financials

Backbone of the economy, the stock market, and your investments. A healthy financial system ensures the health of the economy and a great economy has a vibrant financial system.


Strategy - Bluechip bonds

Not ready for risks? Then stick with safety for steady returns. To blend both tax benefits and low-risk steady returns, a debt fund that necessarily sticks to AAA papers is the answer.

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Why you don’t need a Rs 1 crore health policy

Recent reports suggest that as many as 35% of health insurance buyers in recent times – mainly in their 30s and 40s – are buying Rs 1 crore health insurance plans, against just 5% who used to buy them earlier.

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Can the rally continue in the mid-and-smallcap index?

While the benchmark Nifty 50 index has been confined to a broad trading range, the broader markets or the mid-cap and small-cap universe has been buzzing with action. Let us take a closer look at the current trend and the near-term outlook for the Nifty MidSmallcap 400 Index. We have covered this index in an earlier article, and we take a relook now.

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Quarterly MF review – trends and changes

In the first of our updates in this review cycle, we explained the changes we have made to Prime Funds, our recommended fund list. In this second update, we thought to cover two different aspects: one, changes we made to our MF Review Tool, in the way we call out our recommendations. Two, trends we have observed unfolding over the past couple of quarters that we’re keeping a watch on.

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