Theme park 

Theme Park


You might be an informed investor, aware of market trends, where the economy is headed, and which sectors or themes can do well. You may be an avid value investor or believe in quant-based investing.  But putting this knowledge into action can be challenging sometimes. 

Theme Park helps you overcome this.  We have provided a select set of themes & strategies that are popular or are unique and have options in the fund/ETF space. We look at portfolios, strategies, past performance where it matters, and other metrics to draw up this list. So what you get is a researched set of specialised funds, if you choose a theme or strategy that you are convinced about.

Go ahead, take a walk in the park!


Themes and Sectors

Take a bet on a specific sector. Or go broader and combine several sectors that can benefit from an overall trend picking up.


Investment Strategies

Distinctive and clear strategies in building portfolios that give an edge and stand out from the crowd whether in equity or in debt.

How to use Theme Park

Theme Park provides you with the right fund or ETF to play a theme or strategy. But you will have to choose the themes or strategies that will go well with your present portfolio. The funds/portfolios in theme park can be used as a supplement to your existing portfolios and not as your primary portfolio, as they may carry far higher risks.

If you do not find the themes or strategies you fancy, or would like to give us suggestions, do write to us at

Disclaimer: Sector and thematic investing is high risk. Invest in these only if you believe in the theme/ sector/ strategy. The funds/ETFs are drawn up based on their potential to deliver on the theme/strategy.  Your conviction in the theme/strategy and your risk profile and portfolio make up should determine whether to invest in these funds. To this extent, this short-listed set of funds is not advisory in nature. PrimeInvestor is a SEBI-registered research analyst firm. 

General disclosures and disclaimers

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